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Transforming Human Kind
Chapter Two
Jason's Transformation
Jason approaches a large steel door, with an obvious coat of Bleached Bone White paint,
A red line through the center left-to-right, with a blue circle around a Number Pad to enter a code to unlock the door, a little to the left of the dead center of the door.
"Hey, Watcher, I think I need a code or something to open the door, do you know what it is?" Jason asks, studying the Number Pad. The keys glow a light green, so that they'd be visible in the dark.
"Yeah. Put me on the Number Pad and I`ll enter it!" Watcher says from Jason's Shoulder.
Jason moves his hand close to the pad, Watcher crawls from his shoulder down his arm and onto his hand, and stares at the pad, and reaches towards it with his clawed feet.
"A little Closer!" He yelps. He`s struggling to reach the Numbers.
Jason takes a step closer for him, so Watcher can start hitting the numbers
Eventually The full code has been entered, and the door slides open with ease.
Jason steps through into a room with a strange light in the center, of which is coming from an unknown source.
"Put me on the ground, Jason! And Step into that light!" Watcher says, still clinging to his hand.
Jason crouches down and lets Watcher drop onto the ground, as he stands he looks up to the roof to see if he can identify the source of light, nothing is apparent.
"Step into this weird light? Which has no visible source? At All?" Jason turns back at Watcher, sitting on the floor.
"Yep. I was nervous, too... It`s not as scary as you think it could be." Watcher says, looking up at Jason.
Jason sighs and steps into the light, as he does, holographic screens and images appear around him, and in-front of him.
"Hello, subject 273. I am the A.I. That operates all of the THK Projects DNA Sequencing Systems, Separation, Combination, and complete DNA Change. I am here to help you select the species you wish to become, be crossed with, or Other." The A.I. Speaks. The Voice is feminine.
"Um, well, Instruct me. It`s my first time, after all, A.I. Do you have something I can call you by?" Jason speaks clearly, obviously hiding his nervous feeling.
"You can call me whatever, Subject 273." The A.I. Speaks.
"Well... I`ll call you Help.. Seeing as I can't think of anything else to call you." Jason says.
"Well, Then, What is the species you wish to become, Mer-"
"Wolf. I want to Become a Wolf. A Timber Wolf." Jason cuts off "Help", being quick with his decision.
"Very Well." Help says plainly.
Some of the Screens vanish, one appearing directly in-front of him.
"Enter your "Stats". This will affect everything about your transformation. Size, Strength... Intelligence." Help says, again, plainly.
"Well... I want to keep my Intelligence.. Just how much can I customize?" Jason Asks, staring at the screen.
"Well... Everything." Help says.
"That helps.." Jason speaks sarcastically.
He proceeds to enter the statistics he would like, spending an hour standing up typing on the holographic screens.
Jason concludes and touches an area of the screen, and the statistics are sent.
"Information received. Proceed to the Next room."
Jason steps out of the light, the Holographic screens vanish. Watcher hurries along and climbs up Jason's leg onto his shoulder again.
"Ready?" Watcher says, seeming shocked at how Jason was calm through the process.
"As I`ll ever be, but that was nerve-racking...." Jason is being Honest, with, so far, the only one who seems to be friendly.
Jason proceeds through another door, with the same paint pattern, just without the Number Pad.
There`s a bright flash from the center of the room, It blinds Jason and makes him cover his eyes.
Jason begins to feel weak and falls to the floor, Watcher also falling unconscious.
What.. What happened?
The Second Chapter of the Transforming Human Kind Program.
Will be a second part or editation later.
Edited some spelling errors.
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