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January 22, 2012
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Little Scales.
Part Two.

Scales stepped forward and willingly took on this change. He felt his memories clear; he felt his pain lift as it was replaced by the sensation of his body changing.

Scales stood, as the spirit-egg Operia watched over his slow change, from his transformation from Human to Dragon Hatchling.

"Little One. You seem at ease, even accepting of your new form even though I am forcing it upon you."

"That's because I've been feeling so much pain as a human... But it`s lifted."

"I see, Little one. So that pain is gone... Your transformation won`t cause you pain, I hope..."

"Even if it does..."

"You understand."

Scales began to feel an itch, something felt like it was crawling up his arms and legs. A Feeling of weakness spread over him, which caused him to fall to his hands and knee's.

"It has begun."

Scales clenched his fists as he noticed his skin turn a pink-like hue and harden into small plates.

"S-Scales.... Actual..." He tried to speak, but his voice cut out unexpectedly.

"They look... Pink.... That's odd. You're a male.... But... Pink....."

The scales spread quickly until he felt and heard a series of snaps and cracks as his spinal column and skeletal structure steadily shifted and changed, and as tail seem to extend out of his body.

Claws formed on his fingertips as his hands became four-toed draconian paws, spines grew from his back with small spacings between each, and a set of small, weak violet wings grew from his back.

His skull began to shift at this point, a snout steadily forming as the scales slowly spread, the colour steadily deepening to crimson-violet mix, and his eyes begin to slit and the colour of his eyes turned to a dim green.

"Scales.... Are you okay?"

Scales only reply was a barely managed low whine.

"Scales......" Operia's voice was lined with worry. Something she's never experienced.

As the changes to his body occurred, his mind began to clear, his memories fading with each passing second. Except those of his closest friends, but as his mind, instincts, and behaviour began to alter, they seemed more and more like fake memories, as if he was imagining the whole idea of once being a human. So he pushed the memories aside.

"It's nearly over, Scales..."

Operia started to change herself, but it happened in a bright flash. She became a small spirit hatchling, and began to stare at Scales as his final changes to mind occur.

"Scales... I`ll watch over you for the rest of your days. If you need me, Call for me..."

Operia faded from view as Scales was left weak.

Scales took a clumsy step forward, and he felt himself fall, but his mind couldn't comprehend for a few moments that he had just fallen and was laying by the side of a small puddle where Operia once stood.

He lay still for what felt like a long time before he fell asleep there in the bushes.

Scales would not know what happens next, nor did he care.

The sun rose, breaking the darkness of the area, although Scales did not stir to the sudden increase of light.

It was however, enough for Lyle to stir from his sleep. He stood groggily inside his tent and made his way out, covering his eyes to attempt to stop the temporary blindness.

"Ugh.... Stupid Sun...." Lyle's displeasure was unheard, although he was unaware of this.

Lyle prepared himself a small breakfast of various fruits that he brought along with him for the three day camping trip.
After Lyle finished, he noticed that Traes wasn't awake yet. He entered the tent and when he saw the sleeping bag open, he wondered where Traes had gone.

It didn't take long for Lyle to start worrying, because Traes didn't show up for another half an hour. Lyle entered  the tent and looked around for any evidence that may have told him where Traes went, but he found nothing.

Lyle felt stress and fear, so he quickly donned a pair of shoes before heading out to look for Traes, completely unaware of his friend's change.

He headed out into the surrounding forest, not realizing that it was the same path as his friend, and eventually he came to a small clearing.
His jaw dropped in shock of what he saw at this point: a small, crimson-violet-coloured lizard with wings.

Wait, Wings?! He immediately thought to himself.

It's one of those lizards that Traes likes....

Lyle stepped towards the "lizard", not realizing that it was his sleeping friend, Traes.

Beta Readers' Notes: YuseiDarkUmbreon It's fun to watch Ace writing this!
Part two of Little Scales!
I`m really enjoying this story so far. :D
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oo0ace0oo Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, I don`t mind. ^_^
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